If you are having issues connecting to your E-mail or VPN, please continue reading.

Due to recent updates across the industry, security has been increased, which is good, but this has affected some of our Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting customers’ ability to log in and send/receive emails. Our Plesk Hosting Software and possibly your Windows Operating System have both updated their systems resulting in what you might notice as “Unable to connect” messages or just no mail sending out or being received. The resolution we have found, is to remove and add the mail account in the settings for your email client. This will regenerate the password cache and reissue the signature certificate that gets stored in your system. Please feel free to open a ticket if this does not work for you at https://portal.dynamic.com

For L2TP or IPSEC using the native Windows VPN Connections that have authentication issues, please see this article for an explanation and how to fix it: https://www.windowscentral.com/windows-update-introduces-vpn-issue-forcing-admins-pick-between-security-or-functionality