Significant AWS Outage (Resolved)

You may have heard reports in the news about a large AWS outage impacting the likes of Netflix, Disney+, Slack and many other large [and small] companies on the internet. We have been aware of the issue since various services at AWS began reporting problems (we subscribe to the alerts feed at AWS so we were alerted immediately). The very first alert we received was on December 7th at 8:32am PST notifying us they were investigating seemingly widespread issues and then we began receiving a few more alerts as various services were one by one declared as “experiencing issues” across their vast array of services.

The AWS services affected did not impact any of our customers and we paid close attention to the events as they unfolded. These temporary outages were resolved same day and on Dec 10th AWS released their official “after action report” on the incident which you can read more about below.

Official AWS Incident Report:

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