webmail.dynamic.net Outage

The value/free email server, webmail.dynamic.net, is recovering from the effects of a single user whose password was compromised, or whose Outlook was infected by Malware.

Following the compromise, the account was used to send hundreds of thousands of SPAM messages. This resulted in a flood of outgoing emails, as well as bounced messages, to be processed by webmail.dynamic.net, our outgoing smtp.dynamic.net and the barracuda spam/virus firewall. Additionally, the activity caused our server to be placed on several world-wide blacklists.

It took time to locate and disable the offending domain, switch to our backup barracuda hardware, mitigate the blacklisting and clear the mail queues from the three affected servers. While the first three items are complete, we remain in the process of selectively removing the offending emails on webmail and smtp. This process should be completed in the next few hours and you should see some delayed emails showing up in your inbox.

For customers where email is critical to business operations, we began informing you last month about the retirement of this email platform and a free migration and on-boarding to our Enterprise Exchange Hosting platform. Guaranteed to eliminate SPAM, this platform is managed 24/7 by experts to prevent this type of disruption by an infected user.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has on your business. Please contact us ASAP to migrate and eliminate disruptions in the future.

Dynamic Engineering Team