Edison Planned Power Outage – Friday April 29, 2016

Edison will be performing major upgrades to the power infrastructure servicing our office and temporary data center. Power will be disrupted Friday evening at 10PM and restored Saturday at 6AM.

In an abundance of caution, we are shutting down services in this data center starting at 8PM and restoring services early Saturday morning. The affected customers have email/web hosting on one of our Plesk Control Panels – panel5.dynamic.net – and customers using our smtp.dynamic.net relay server.

Incoming Email will be queued and delivery will be delayed until panel5 comes back online early Saturday. No Email should be lost. Outgoing email may remain in your Outbox until services are restored.

We have been busy migrating customers to our new servers at AWS, which are immune to these types of disruptions and we expect to have the remaining sites/Email services upgraded in the coming weeks.

If you need an emergency replacement UniBasic/dL4 license, please ssh to demossn.dynamic.com with your credentials, as the web client portal on unibasic.com and dynamic.com will be offline.

The Dynamic Engineering Team