WARNING: If you hard-code the IP addresses of any of Dynamic’s name servers in any of your operations, you must change your configuration as the old servers are being retired. For performance, always use the DNS settings given to you by your Internet provider, as they will be the closest to you. If you are a managed server customer in our data center or AWS, we have already updated your server.

All domains using Dynamic’s DNS servers, eg. ns1.dynamic.net, have been seamlessly migrated to AWS Route 53 over the past 60-days. For customers who may still be referencing Dynamic’s servers, we have mapped our name servers to the new AWS servers. Amazon’s DNS provides an SLA of 100% uptime and a superior interface.

In early 2016, we will add to our client login the ability for our clients to make their own DNS changes, 24/7.

For Customers where we manage their registrations and renewals at OpenSRS, we have already pointed the whois DNS to the new AWS servers which have naming conventions such as: ns-1465.awsdns-55.org, instead of ns1.dynamic.net.

For customers who manage their registrations elsewhere (Network Solutions, GoDaddy, etc.) and point to Dynamic’s DNS servers, better performance will be achieved if you update your registration(s), removing the references to Dynamic’s DNS and substituting the following:

ns-1465.awsdns-55.org ns-305.awsdns-38.com ns-668.awsdns-19.net ns-1537.awsdns-00.co.uk