Internet Maintenance, COMPLETED at 12:50 PST

Maintenance has been completed and all services are operational. If you are experiencing problems, please open a ticket or call 1.949.215.1200 for emergency support.
The recently upgraded hardware cluster that hosts,,, as well as some UniBasic/dL4 Cloud Services, web sites and ProStores is being relocated to our Irvine data center this weekend.

Starting at 08:00AM Pacific, the affected servers will be shutdown and transported to Irvine where they will be installed and rebooted. Concurrently, we will relocate your IP addresses to the new data center so that the move is transparent to you and your customers. We anticipate that this process should take about 4 hours, however we are scheduling an 8-hour window to allow additional time for the IP relocation to be recognized world-wide.

You can determine if your specific website, ProStore or UniBasic/dL4 cloud service is affected by ‘pinging’ your website or server to get your IP address. Addresses beginning with 216.158.x.x are affected by this move. Services operating on IP addresses 173.0.x.x are not affected.

We will post updates on these maintenance windows, as well as their completion when services are up and running. You may check on the status of our network services, at any time, by viewing our status posts at: or