ProStores maintenance is Complete!

We have completed the ProStores maintenance processes. Thank you for your patience during this difficult upgrade.

03:30 Status Update: All provisioning is done. DNS is being changed one site at a time. You should see your new store up now, or in the next 10 minutes.

01:22 Status Update:  ProStores is up and running on the new server. We are provisioning the web server, assigning new IP’s and copying SSL’s

12:16 Status Update: All data and stores have been copied to new hardware. Our partners are completing the database validations and we will shortly begin bringing up stores one at a time.

08:30 Status Update. Due to an unforeseen hardware problem with the brand new server we were migrating to, the database import took all night to complete. We are now copying all of the sites to a brand new server and expect to be running by noon.

20:30 Status Update. We are still in the process of importing the data to our new hardware. It has taken longer than expected. We will let the import process continue over night. We are aiming to go live tomorrow by 12:00 PM PST. We have decided to keep stores closed for now to maintain data integrity. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

17:00 Status Update. The DB import is taking exceptionally long to decompress and import. Once done, we will be bringing up the stores. We aren’t resting until we are live!

15:30 Status Update. Upgraded DB and ProStores files are on the new server.  Importing the database now. Once complete, we will complete the apache configurations, copy your SSL, enable your new IP address in DNS and open your store.

14:30 Status Update:  Everything is now fully upgraded to 10.3.3.  Preparing to move all stores and databases to the new server

13:36 Status Update: Working on the database MySQL 4 to MySQL 5 upgrade before starting the 10.2 ProStores upgrade

12:15 Status Update: About 3 more upgrades to go before export to new 10.3 server.

11:34 Status Update:  About 6 more upgrades to go before exporting to new 10.3 server

11:17 Status Update:  Upgrading to 9.3.2 now

10:45 Status Update:  Upgrading all stores to 9.1 now

9:33 Status Update: ProStores upgrades from 8.2 to 10.3.3 are starting now.

8:30 Status Update:  The ProStores Databases have been exported; transferred to a staging server and imported in preparation for the staged revision upgrades.

Best Regards,

Dynamic Concepts Engineering Team.