Communication Migration

If you are having trouble reaching us we are migrating to a new phone system on Tuesday the 10th between 12pm and 2pm PDT. Otherwise you may open a ticket as usual and we will be able to assist you that way. Thanks for your patience!

If you are having issues connecting to your E-mail or VPN, please continue reading.

Due to recent updates across the industry, security has been increased, which is good, but this has affected some of our Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting customers’ ability to log in and send/receive emails. Our Plesk Hosting Software and possibly your Windows Operating System have both updated their systems resulting in what you might notice as “Unable to connect” messages or just no mail sending out or being received. The resolution we have found, is to remove and add the mail account in the settings for your email client. This will regenerate the password cache and reissue the signature certificate that gets stored in your system. Please feel free to open a ticket if this does not work for you at

For L2TP or IPSEC using the native Windows VPN Connections that have authentication issues, please see this article for an explanation and how to fix it:

What you need to know about the new “Log4j” exploit

NOTE: Not everyone is affected, but for those who are we are already in the process of patching individual servers manually and will likely reach out to schedule a reboot of your server if necessary.

If you haven’t been following tech industry news lately then allow us to inform you about this pressing matter affecting millions of servers worldwide. Log4j is a very commonly used logging library in the Java programming language. Programmers use this to help indicate the state of various parts of their program.

Generally speaking, when processing inputs from the user, you always want to treat the input as just normal text, and not code that the program should execute. You do this due to the fact that if an attacker can inject their own code into a program, then the possibilities are endless for hacks/breaches. Now unfortunately if you construct a specific string of text, and are able to get the log4j library to log that string (which is pretty trivial because most programs will log user inputs), you are able to get the log4j library to reach out to other servers and execute any code that is returned.

This allows the attacker to execute code that they wrote on a remote server. This kind of breach is called remote code execution, and can lead to all kinds of issues.

Now that you understand what is at play here please let us know if you have any questions that this hasn’t already answered and be aware that a fix is either already implemented on those machines who are affected, or will be very shortly.

Further information:

Your DCI support team

AWS Internet Connectivity (Oregon) problems being investigated

Another major event is happening this morning related to AWS in Oregon and this does appear to be affecting some of our clients…

Informational message: Internet Connectivity
We are investigating Internet connectivity issues to the US-WEST-2 Region.

This is affecting all customers in the Oregon AWS Data Centers. We will keep you abreast of any changes.

Significant AWS Outage (Resolved)

You may have heard reports in the news about a large AWS outage impacting the likes of Netflix, Disney+, Slack and many other large [and small] companies on the internet. We have been aware of the issue since various services at AWS began reporting problems (we subscribe to the alerts feed at AWS so we were alerted immediately). The very first alert we received was on December 7th at 8:32am PST notifying us they were investigating seemingly widespread issues and then we began receiving a few more alerts as various services were one by one declared as “experiencing issues” across their vast array of services.

The AWS services affected did not impact any of our customers and we paid close attention to the events as they unfolded. These temporary outages were resolved same day and on Dec 10th AWS released their official “after action report” on the incident which you can read more about below.

Official AWS Incident Report:

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask,

– Your Team at Dynamic

Happy Thanksgiving from Dynamic!

Our offices will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday from Thursday, November 25th until Monday, November 29th at 7:30am PST. For Non-emergency support request will be processed on Monday. If you should require emergency support, please open an emergency ticket or dial +1.949.215.1200 to speak with one of our technicians.

May your home be filled with joy on this wonderful occasion. Dynamic wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!